Emergency Contraception Training (community based service contracts)

Online Emergency Contraception Training

For all community pharmacists wishing to supply emergency contraception under PGD within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

This is a one hour top-up session for those pharmacists who have attended National CPPE training in Emergency Contraception (https://www.cppe.ac.uk/gateway/ehc) and will be predominantly about local PGD and pathways.

Learning Objectives:

To understand how to use the local LLR PGDs for emergency contraception

To be aware of local referral pathways for safeguarding referrals.

To be aware of local referral pathways for sexual health screening, condom distribution, safeguarding referrals and emergency contraception intrauterine device.

In the event that there are insufficient delegates to run a particular course, we reserve the right to cancel a course within a week of the course date.

Upcoming Events:

Thursday 7th December   2023 - 7pm-8pm

To register for these events please click here: 

Professional Helpline

This number is accessible to all healthcare professionals who wish to discuss any sexual health queries:

0300 124 0102 - option 4

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