Online Services

Did you know that you can access certain sexual health services without the need to book an appointment or attend one of our clinics?

Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC):

You can find out where to access emergency contraception, otherwise known as 'the morning after pill', by visiting our clinic and service locator. Alternatively, you can contact your local pharmacy to see if they can offer EHC. You can also order EHC online by clicking here.

If you are over 25, you will be charged for EHC and only certain pharmacies will provide EHC for free if you're under 25.

We advise calling the pharmacy in advance to ensure:

  • The pharmacy is open
  • Has emergency contraception in stock
  • Have the staff to provide emergency contraception
  • How much they charge or if you can access it for free

Please note that there are two kinds of pills. One needs to be taken within 72 hours, and the other needs to be taken within 120 hours. EHC is more effective the sooner you take it, so act fast.

For more information, visit our Emergency Contraception page.

Free STI testing:

Our testing kits are available to order online and take at home. They are free, come in discreet packaging, fit through your letterbox and you receive your results via text within 7 days.

To order your free STI testing kit, click here.

Free condoms with C-Card:

The C-Card is a card which offers free and easy access to condoms and lube in a range of venues, including some clinics, schools, colleges and pharmacies. In Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, the C-Card is available to those aged 13+.

To find out where you can register for a C-Card and access free condoms, visit our clinic and service locator.

If you are over 18, you can register for a C-Card online using our registration form.

Oral contraception (pills):

Did you know that you can order oral contraception (pills) online? Simply click here to order.

For more information, visit our Oral Contraception page.

Please note: these online services are not intended to replace existing pathways, but to provide an alternative to attending our sexual health service in person, for those who may need it.

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