Online testing kit

Get your free, discreet postal testing kit by clicking here.

Whatever your age you can now can order a free online testing kit to test for:





Testing kits are sent in a discreet, small ‘postbox’ sized box with everything you need to complete and return your kit to us.

The best time to get a test is at least 2 weeks after you've put yourself at risk (this is the time it takes for most infections to be detectable).

What do you need to test?

  • Men: urine sample and a 'finger prick' sample of blood.
  • Women: self-taken vaginal swab and a 'finger prick' sample of blood.

How will I get my results?* 

Your samples will be sent to the laboratory to be tested. Results can be expected within 14 working days.

Results can be sent via:

Text message


*NB: Written copies of test results cannot be provided

To order your discreet postal testing kit, please click here.

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