A free, confidential and friendly service for young people aged 24 and under. 

The service offers: 

  • Testing and treatment for sexual infections
  • Contraceptive pills
  • Contraceptive injection
  • Contraceptive implant
  • Emergency contraceptive pill (morning after pill)
  • Free pregnancy testing, and referral for abortion (or to a midwife)
  • Free condoms

Staffed by L-R Michelle, Julie and Angie.  

The CHOICES team consists of dedicated professionals with a passion for supporting young people through their sexual health journey.

Julie (middle) is a midwife, specialising in contraception and sexual health. She has worked within the NHS for over 25 yrs and 16 yrs within sexual health. Julie is the Team Lead for the service and is a kind, approachable and knowledgeable practitioner. 

Angie (right) is a qualified nurse, with lots of experience of working with young people. Enthusiasm and compassion are two words that best describe Angie. 

Michelle (left) is a senior health care assistant with 23 years of experience working within the NHS. Michelle is both welcoming and supportive to all young people.

Please be aware that in order to best meet demand clinics will sometimes be appointment led, this will then affect the number of walk-in patients we can see in that session.





Please note:

  • Clinics held in schools, colleges and universities will run during term time only and can be used by students studying there.
  • Clinics held in medical/health centres and youth venues will be closed during all public bank holidays.
  • These clinics are for young people aged 24 and under only.
Midlands Partnership Foundation NHS Trust Providing Sexual Health Services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Services commissioned by Leicester City and Leicestershire and Rutland County Councils.


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