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The Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare FRSH Diploma Course of 5


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The Course of 5 (C5) is a component of the FSRH Diploma, it is aimed at doctors (DFSRH) and nurses (NDFSRH) who are working in general practice, community services, and integrated sexual health services and in hospitals.

It is a one day course which must be taken as part of your Diploma and it consists of 9 assessments spread over five small groups.

The C5 provides an opportunity to:

  • Practice and demonstrate practical skills required for the provision of contraception and testing of STIs.
  • Develop increased awareness of the way that personal attitudes, gender, sexual preference and cultural differences impact on SRH consultations in a safe environment.
  • Identify areas where further learning is required before proceeding to clinical assessments.

Pre-Course Entry Requirements

Please note the following pre course-entry requirements, evidence of which is needed 2 weeks prior to you attending C5:

  1. Passed the eKA.
  2. Had the 3 pre-entry requirement assessments completed in the e-portfolio.
  3. Completed module 17 (SDI) of the eSRH package.

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