C-Card, Contraception & Sexual Health update

2020 dates

Tuesday         21stJanuary     10.00 -12.30 

Wednesday   26thFebruary   10.00 -12.30

Thursday       17thMarch         10.00 -12.30

Training venue: Haymarket Shopping Centre. Leicester. LE1 3YH.

Registration training                                         

This session is designed for practitioners who will be responsible for registering young people for C-Card. The training includes an understanding of the principles and benefits of the C Card, guidance for engaging with young people under 16 and best practice and legal issues, especially the Fraser Guidelines. Participants will also cover their responsibilities including, recording systems and arrangements for data collection. 

To reserve a place please complete the online request form or for further information please email: ishtraining@mpft.nhs.uk                                                                                                                         

Distribution training  (typically 15 minutes) This shorter training session is offered to practitioners who wish to offer repeat supplies to existing C Card holders and typically these include open access services such as pharmacies. The training covers the principles of the C Card, best practice with young people and recording systems. This training is generally delivered on site. For enquiries please email Alison Spooner Alison.Spooner@mpft.nhs.uk 

Pregnancy testing training 

Friday 31st January - 10.00 -12.00

Training venue: Haymarket Shopping Centre. Leicester. LE1 3YH.

This session is designed for experienced practitioners in established C-Card sites where the provision of Pregnancy testing has been approved by Leicester Sexual Health service.

Session coverers:

Teenage pregnancy, local data, trends & progress.             

Menstrual cycle, fertility and indications for pregnancy testing.                                      

The detection of pregnancy using the Pasante test and indications for repeat testing. 

Information governance & accountability to ISH Sign posting & support

For course enquires and to assess your eligibility, Please email Alison Spooner Alison.Spooner@mpft.nhs.uk Senior Project Worker, C-Card

Please read the statement below about how we will keep your personal data safe

You have provided information below on how you wish to be contacted; this service will only contact you when necessary by the means that you have stated. We cannot accept any responsibility for someone other than yourself gaining access to that information.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you protect the confidentiality of information that you receive. You have the right to restrict what information may be shared and with whom .This service will not give out any confidential information to anyone other than you unless otherwise agreed. 

In the event that there are insufficient delegates to run a particular course, we reserve the right to cancel a Course within a week of the Course date. 

Where fees apply you will be contacted by email with further information and how to pay the course fee. Where a trust or organisation is responsible for the fee please indicate this below:
Midlands Partnership Foundation NHS Trust Providing Sexual Health Services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Services commissioned by Leicester City and Leicestershire and Rutland County Councils.
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